Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome! 5

HI! I am so excited about Can you Eat This!! I am KatieBug, Kelli's little sister, and as she mentioned we are a mess. Allergies abound. Our entire house (including me, my Love, Bubby~6, FireCracker~5, CreamPuff~3 and Peanut~6 months) is gluten free. I am also dairy free and we just found out CreamPuff is allergic to fish and shellfish. So when Kel had the great idea to start a recipe blog I was all over it! I could really use some fresh ideas.

Needless to say we read labels like crazy and can't usually eat food that other people prepare. We also don't eat out much except the occasional double cheeseburger no bun (and no cheese for me) so I cook a lot. I feed my kids by the food program so as long as it has a protein, a carb, and 2 fruits and/0r veggies we call it a meal. Sometimes it gets very.....creative. :)

I really like to cook and am getting to the point I will eat just about anything that is safe because my standards are so low. Kelli and I joke about how often we say "Not bad!" about foods we try. I do a lot of tweaking to recipes just because there are so many ingredients we can't have. Sometimes it turns out great and I pat myself on the back and bring the tasty foods to my friends so they eat the food that was prepared by a culinary genius. Other times I take one bite and put the whole thing in the disposal. You will not be finding those recipes on this blog.

I love to take pictures. I probably won't do a step by step how-to picture post very often but if I think a recipe is good enough to blog about there will be at least one picture. Sometimes I take pictures of my food just because. For me if there is no picture it didn't happen.

I can't wait to see what we can do here!!


Kate said...

Hi KatieBug! Bring on the pictures if you can. And I've had disposal moments with recipes, too. I don't blog about those ones, either. ;)

shoeaddict said...

I can see you and Kel doing the "Not bad"...

One question... Will there be chicken dancing?