Sunday, January 18, 2009

Combo Meal Skillet

One of the things I miss about being gluten and dairy free is that I can never just order something off the menu. If I do get a burger(no bun) it is normally in a place where I can't eat sides. One day last month I really wanted a burger and some fries. I didn't have any but I threw a few things together and WOW!

I started with an onion and some hamburger and some seasoned salt. While that was frying those up I checked my freezer for fries that I wished were there but I knew were not and I found tater tots. Score!

I knew I didn't have time to bake or fry them so I nuked them for a few minutes and threw them in the skillet and squished them up with the meat and onion. (We made it again at my sister's house and fried the tots and left them whole and that was great, too.) After that I put in ketchup, mustard and mayo to make a slurry of deliciousness.

The first time I made this I added dill pickle relish and I loved it but my husband said the pickles made it weird so now I put pickles and fresh tomato on top and serve it with gluten free rolls.
The great thing about this is that you can make it how you like it. I'm sure it would be great with bacon or cheese or even piled on a big gluteny bun! It is quick and easy and it really does taste like fast food.


hamburger, onion, seasoned salt, tater tots, ketchup, mustard,mayo, tomato, pickle or WHATEVER you like!


kelli said...

Okay, I have to say the picture looks more appetizing than I expected- these slurry meals are sometimes really weird looking. I made it for my family and my husband says it tastes like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in a bowl. I love this stuff. I crave it all the time, mostly when there are no tater tots in the house.

shoeaddict said...

The picture is so good. You are so great for taking it. You are also so creative. More than I am!

Abdeslam Ait hida said...

Thats a very delicious chicken recipes.