Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Corn Dip

This is my favorite dip in the whole world. I never make it unless I'm having a crowd over, because I will sit down and eat the entire bowl like a starving wolf otherwise. I tell myself I'm not gonna, and then I DO.

In fact, my sister KatieBug may or may not have eaten a corn dip sandwich when she ran out of Fritos. I'm just sayin'.

Karly over at Buns in my Oven asked me to post this, because I made her hot corn dip the other night, and I told her while it was very tasty, I still liked my cold one better. She wants to know what's in this one because she can't imagine something better. :) I love when there is a variety of stuff that is SO GOOD.

Usually I am a stickler for following directions, but I have lost my original recipe and I've made this so many times that now I just throw stuff in there. I'll do the best I can with amounts, but it's cold dip. If you have a little more or less of something in there, it's not going to matter.

Okay. You will need: (and now I NEED, and wish I had this stuff in the house so I could take pictures for the blog shove it in my piehole...)

  • 1 can Mexicorn, undrained (the canned corn with the green and red peppers in it- I think it's by Green Giant)
  • 1 can of regular corn, drained, the same size as the Mexicorn
  • green onions, chopped, however much you like. I add a bunch of the tops for color.
  • sour cream
  • mayonnaise
  • jalapenos
  • 2 cups finely shredded cheddar cheese (I remember the measurement because you put in the whole bag!)
  • salt
  • pepper
Mix all that, put it in a bowl, and enjoy the love. It's better if you can keep your hands off it for at least a few hours and let it chill. I think it's best with Fritos Scoops, but it's also doable with ruffles or chopped veggies or a spoon.

I want to say it was originally 3/4 cup of both sour cream and mayo, but usually I put in an 8 ounce container of sour cream and then eyeball a big spoonful of mayo. It just depends on how thick and creamy you want it. And I am a big pansy when it comes to jalapenos- I'm pretty sure the recipe called for a whole jar of slices, and I usually put in about three, chopped very small, and maybe a splash of juice from the jar. If you like it real hot, obviously you should put more.


shoeaddict said...

I LOVE dip so I'm excited about this. It's not so healthy but I could use fat free sour cream and mayo. Right?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE corn dip and Fritos. I make a recipe that is really similar to this one. It is also good with a drained can of chopped olives!

KatieBug said...

I don't think there would be any way at all I could make this dairy free. Tofu can only get you so far. I will deeply miss the corn dip and the bread I may or may not have used to make a corn dip sandwich! :)

kelli said...

Shoe, I always use at least light sour cream and mayo. Not always fat free. I figure every little bit helps.

And Dana! Olives! What a great idea! Plus then my husband wouldn't want to eat any!

Kate said...

That dip is ridiculously tasty!

Amy said...

Just made this for a group my school is hosting...delish.