Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seasoned Salmon

I am not a fish kind of girl. My husband keeps asking me to learn how to make salmon and I just can't get interested. I just got this recipe in an email from my friend who lives on Cape Cod and I figure if anybody knows how to make good fish, she's the one. I have not actually made it yet, but I trust her, and I'm putting it up partially as a reminder that I need to buy some salmon and try it! It sounds easy enough.

  • Salmon fillet (any size, skin off)
  • Olive oil
  • Black pepper
  • Old Bay Seasoning (I've never bought this and have no idea what it tastes like but I know they sell it over by the fresh fish case.)
  • Brown Sugar

Put your Salmon fillet in a shallow pan (cut it to fit if necessary)
Use fork to pierce a few holes in fillet
Drizzle LIGHTLY with olive oil and spread the oil around with your hands
Top fillet with cracked black pepper (as you like for flavor, I did a crank of the handle per 2" square or so)
Sprinkle top of fillet with Old Bay Seasoning (decorate top but don't coat it)
Sprinkle top of fillet with brown sugar (again, decorate top lightly but don't coat it, some clumps are ok)
Broil in oven for 15 min (I had a 2lb fillet) or until it flakes at thickest part
Let me know if you try this and what you think- I'm still scared of cooking fish! :)


shoeaddict said...

I love fish, especially Salmon. I will def try this.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...sounds easy, and I DO love salmon with brown sugar, although I have never had the combo of brown sugar and Old Bay (which is just celery salt and a bunch of other spices, btw). I may take a little taste of the two combined before I try the salmon to see if I like the flavors together.

Oh, and if you are wanting a good salmon recipe, I have the BEST recipe for double mustard maple glazed salmon. It is my favorite salmon recipe ever, AND it is quick, AND it came from Shape magazine so it is good for you too. If you want it, let me know!

Kate said...

Oh, yum! I will have to try that. I know nothing about making fish. Last time we got something pre-seasoned and grilled it. While I am for continuing to grill it (tastes good and I don't work the grill), getting pre-seasoned stuff is cheating and lord knows what's in it and... I'll try to make this next week so I can tell you how it works!