Monday, January 5, 2009

Diet Coke Cake

This is not my mama's sweet potato crunch like I promised but I just had to share with ya'll. As I've said before (and I guess I should again), I'm dieting. I'm also a world-class craver. I start to crave something and I GOTTA HAVE IT.

Anywho, I have been reeealllly wanting cake lately. I remember reading somewhere (possibly here )(she rocks) awhile ago about Diet Coke chocolate cake, where you use a can of Diet Coke with a box of dry cake mix. I didn't remember if that was ALL so, I looked it up and found a few different message boards that said that same thing. I decided to give it a try.

I bought a box of Pillsbury Devil Food cake (which is certainly not gluten-free, sorry) and a can of DC. I also got some Cool Whip Lite to use as the topping. It really serves no purpose to go through all the trouble of using Diet Coke when you top it off with a can of icing. I wanted it but I held back.

I remember reading that some people found the cake to be a little dry. Now, maybe this is because they didn't use any type of topping, I don't know. I decided to play it safe and I added about (see I told you, Loni, I'm not that great with the measurements- I'll try harder in the future) a cup of 60 calorie Jell*o pudding. It's maybe two containers of these. I dumped the dry cake mix in a bowl, poured in 8 ounces of DC and mixed for a little bit. Then, I dumped in the pudding.

I am not a baker. I have never made anything bake-y from scratch so I don't know anything about all this but it was VERY hard to mix. I think that is because it's the Devil Food cake, but maybe not. I also don't have a mixer so I used a regular old spoon. So, I mixed the three ingredients and poured (scooped) it into a 13 x 9 dish. I then had to spppppprrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaddddddd it out with the spoon. It was not easy to work with- very thick.

I baked as directed and when I checked it, to my complete surprise, it rose and became CAKE, actual cake. Then, I tasted it and was so thrilled because it was de-lish! Blue had to piss on my parade by saying, "But where is the icing?" He's looking all over the kitchen like a fool. I told him that we were too fat for it, that we were eating with Cool Whip Lite because the cake was diet. He said that he wanted the icing. He can be a butt like that.

I ate it with the Cool Whip Lite and it was great. Even without the topping really, it's moist (a word I loathe) and chocolaty and just YUM-O. You will be amazed.

Recapping the "recipe"-

* 1 box of dry cake mix
* 8 ounces of diet cola
* 1 cup of fat free pudding (optional)
Mix all together and bake as directed
Top with Cool Whip Lite

I've read that chocolate cake and Diet Coke go well (that is what I used) but also, yellow cake or lemon cake with Diet Sprite or 7up. You can use whatever kind of Diet soda and cake mix- use your imagination- Diet Cherry Coke would be good too.

**Sorry I didn't take any of my bad pictures of the cake/cake making. I didn't think I was going to write about it until after it was all over.


kelli said...

YUM! I think I have a gf cake mix in the cabinet. I will have to try this!

And I love cool whip as icing. It's nice and light. Don't let Blue bother you about it. :)

Andie said...

you can use diet sprite to do vanilla or yellow cake mix, too. or diet fanta orange in a yellow cake, etc.

the possibilities are endless.

oh, and you can make the cake, and then poke holes in it, and dump some fat free condensed milk on top, and then top it with heath bar bits. When you're ready to serve, put cool whip on top. It's only like 2 WW points per serving, and it's awesome.

you can thank me later. ;)

I often do the diet coke cake, but I do it into cupcakes, too. So it's portion controlled. just a suggestion!

Andie said...

also, some great food/recipe blogs I peruse every day: