Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The newbie

Hi everyone! I'm the newbie on the block. My name is Dedra. I have a wonderful husband, Doyen and 2 kiddos - Addison is almost 2 and Jaron is almost 4 months. We don't have any dietary restrictions, but Addison is pretty picky lately. And I am not so crazy for most veggies... I am working full-time right now so time is precious. I love trying new recipes, BUT it has to be fast, with few ingredients and taste good!

I feel like I get stuck in a rut making the same old things so I am looking forward to trying new things and sharing some as well. I already made the baked potato soup a few posts back. It was AWESOME! That will definitely get repeated around here. I'll be back soon with a recipe for Barbecue cups!


Kate said...

Hi Dedra! I'm intrigued by the Barbecue cups! =)

Mary Beth said...

Hey! I am going to follow your blog! Great to get some good ideas!