Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gluten Free Favorites

I have a friend who wants to go gluten free and was asking me about brands and favorite recipes.  She asked for my top five go-to recipes.  Great question- never really thought about it before!  I'm going to start with brands while I contemplate meals.  Keep in mind I'm a tiny little food blogger with my own opinions.  None of these are paid or anything like that.  I'd certainly be open to the idea if anybody wants to provide me with stuff to review though!!

I haven't found a from-scratch recipe that works for me at all.  There are some that taste good but are dense and small like hockey pucks, and some that start out tall and fluffy and then cave in the middle and taste yucky.  There's also that weird gritty texture if you mix the flours wrong.  It's a whipping. 

When I first had to go gluten free, there was not one store bought bread that was worth my time.  I just didn't eat bread.  Now there are a lot more options, and although a bunch of them aren't great, a few are, and a few others are at least edible.

  • Udi's is our #1 favorite.  It's the only one I can keep in the pantry and make sandwiches without having to toast it first.  It's kind of small, but that seems to be standard.  It's also the kind of bread that they serve now at Jason's Deli- they have special loaves made for them that are huge.  I tried to buy one and they were $12.95 a loaf.  It's good, but I just can't justify that.  So we eat small yummy sandwiches and just go to Jason's when we want big restaurant bread.  It works.
  • Glutino just revamped their bread- I used to dislike it very muchly.  Now they have a Genius Sandwich Bread that is quite tasty.
  • I don't like Rudy's in either flavor or texture.
  • I didn't like Kinnikinnick when I first tried it, and I haven't gone back to it, although I do hear that they've changed it and it's supposed to be a lot better now.
  • Katz is pretty good but you do have to toast it.  And it's just now becoming available in stores near me- it's a New York based company and just starting to be nationally recognized.  I really like ordering from them though- they have a lot of fun Jewish specialty items.  For Passover last year I bought a $35 gluten free Challah bread that was as big as my forearm and weighed a TON.  It was awesome.
  • Canyon Bakehouse is pretty good but it's usually at least a dollar more than Udi's so I don't get it unless it's on sale.
I prefer a blend of rice and corn or another grain- I think the ones that are all rice tend to get mushy or gummy, and the all corn ones get tough and chewy.  We really love pasta though and I'm willing to eat lots of different kinds.  We buy:
  • Tinkyada- it has the most shapes, and the best lasagna noodles in my opinion
  • Heartland - I really love this one.  I've only seen fusilli and spaghetti and I wish it came in other shapes
  • Sam Mills Pasta D'Oro- this one is all corn.  I don't know if it's monsanto or GMO or whatever.  I know that's a big concern these days.  It's one of the cheapest brands and so I get it for daycare lunches- it's not a family favorite but it'll do in a pinch.  I find it at Big Lots sometimes, which is nice.
  • Trader Joe's brown rice pasta- great price point and pretty tasty as long as you don't overcook it 
  • Archer Farms, the Target brand- like this one a lot too.  Sometimes hard to find around here.
  • I also like the quinoa pasta in the sort of aqua colored box- I forget the brand name.  It's more expensive so I don't usually buy it, but it's tasty.
  • Schar- awesome.  Expensive, but it has tiny little round anellini noodles that I put in soup.
I have a lot of pasta in my cabinets right now.

I haven't tried that other spaghetti brand- Sprouts just started carrying it so I bought some. 

Boxed and processed stuff:
  • Glutino is a pretty great brand.  We like their cookies, pretzels, crackers, and they just started making toaster pastries!!!  I was a major Pop-Tart addict pre gf, so it made me so giddy to find some.  They're the only ones I've seen.
  • Udi's makes great muffins, brownie bites, and pizza crusts.  They make ready-to-bake frozen pizzas too but I haven't tried those yet.  
  • Glutenfreeda makes ice cream sandwiches and burritos.  Expensive and unnecessary, but sometimes I just get a yen for them.  That link is their home page- TONS of recipes.  Click the "our foods" tab to see products.
  • Kinnikinnick makes good oreo-type cookies and pizza crusts.  As I said, they've redone a lot of their products lately, so I don't have the latest tasting info on most of it.
  • Pacific soups are the best-tasting ones, according to my family, especially for cream of whatever.  Progresso does a good cream of mushroom but it isn't condensed.  Gluten Free Cafe and Health Valley cream soups were not worth our time.
Um... what else.  Is that it?   I'm drawing a blank now.  Comment if you think of other stuff you want to know.

Oh, donuts= Katz all the way!!  We just tried their powdered variety last week for the first time and they knock it out of the park.  Granted, I've not had Dunkin' in over five years, but they're closest to what I remember.  Kinnikinnick and Glutino both make some that taste okay but they feel really dense and heavy.  Katz is lighter.  And they make JELLY too.  Can't wait to order some.

And cake mix- King Arthur Flour is LIGHT YEARS ahead of any other brand.  Worth the online order if they don't carry it near you.

Okay Anne, I hope this helps at least a tiny bit!  I'll keep thinking about recipes and do those next.

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